A few of the thing’s that have changed and an update……..

As I have been on Slimming world for 14 months now I can look back and see how things have changed over this time and what attending and losing weight has done for me in general , For instance After losing 5 stone I decided to attempt driving lessons again, after never having the motivation or want to do this and being in a good place and feeling good about myself I chose to go ahead and do it low and behold I actually got through it and passed (Shout out to Gary Barlow for getting me through this , No not the singer before someone asks) it’s opened up a whole new world can do so much more and it has and will present so many more opportunities why I didn’t do this before I have no idea but losing weight certainly gave me the push to do it

Now an even more pleasing aspect of losing weight is clothes shopping Being the weight i was you are quite restricted in the clothes you can buy and more importantly where you can buy from I personally now like fashionable brands well I can safely say they don’t do the fashionable named brands in the sizes I needed and not much chance of walking down a high street and finding the items of clothing in the size…So internet shopping it was which is Ok but you cant really try them on and view all items with your eyes …But now that has all changed and I like nothing better spending hours shopping for clothes in stores I can actually try things on in its a lovely feeling and again its thanks to the weight loss

Also everyday stuff I have a lot more energy now (Work colleagues may disagree 😉 ) and a lot more drive for life and wanting the best and bettering myself and of course being able to provide for family before I was just going through the motions and life to an extent was just passing me by I mean at 28+ stone life certainly wasn’t going to get any easier health wise

So a little update the last few weeks have been awful for numerous reasons I won’t go into but a lot of upheaval meant I didn’t attend slimming world for 3 weeks and during that time I gained 2 1/2 lbs which If I am being honest I was pleased with as I have tried to stick to the plan but did make bad choices some of it due to circumstances and some of it due to bad habits creeping back in(Damn you Catchems End) but I am back on it now and attended last week things a lot more settled now so no excuses want to lose about another 3 stone to get to target (Once at target It’s a free life membership providing you stay withing 3lbs of your target weight)

We have an amazing supportive group and I have said many times meeting some of these people have genuinely made it so much easier to do this very special group of people who have been my biggest supporters since starting

Starting Weight – 28st 10.5lbs

Currant weight – 18st 5lbs

Also a shoutout to others on the same journey know a fair few people on slimming world at the moment who are doing brilliantly and its amazing the see the change not just in looks but you can tell they are in such a good place and a lot happier with themselves that’s what it’s all about if your not happy go out and change it only you can

One last thing my long suffering partner Sharon has just become a distributor for Forever Living they sell Aloe Vera products I have tried some the last few days and can honestly say they are very good quality she has her own facebook page if you want to take a look or may be interested in some of these products (There really is something for everyone pets included) then please feel free to join etc



Thanks for reading



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Man of the year and Support Network

Today has been a lovely day I was chosen as our Man of the year for our group now usually this involves the winner being put forward for regional finals (apologies if i get any of this incorrect) then selected for national due to SW rules I currently don’t qualify due to still being to fat 😉 but hopefully next year I will be at target and can go and do myself and my group proud I also took a pair of trousers I wore on one of my first weigh in and quite amazed that two of the ladies managed to fit in there one lady in each leg It was a strange moment I was smiling and happy and laughing along but also found it a little hard/Sad to watch as that was the person I was, was I a laughing stock hate to put it like that but Yes I was hence the need for change 🙂 Here is the pic of the lovely ladies and one huge pair of trousers Big gob Claire (It’s Ok she loves and lives upto her nickname and Beth modelling )1238841_10152417417768166_1839082787919104622_n

I actually gained today 1.5lb this was due to me celebrating my previous weeks award of 10st had a few beers and an all you can eat chinese Usually I wouldnt be so pleased with a gain but this week I was fine as expected more back on it fully now and hoping for a loss next week next mini target is to get to 12st loss then I will be very close to where I want too be

I was presented with a certificate 10246285_10152403665487349_9049731463855237147_n then we had a little party it reminded me what great people attend my group I have a great rapport with the ladies at my group and they have all became friends and without them being who they are I may have struggled which leads to the next few paragraphs about Support Network

Before I got fully involved with slimming world I decided I needed a support network that would help and not hinder me I have done so many diets before and done well after 2/3 weeks but then it just petered out and I would go back to old ways and before you know it I’m bigger than what I was before the 2/3 week diet. This for me ranges from a supportive family and partner to work colleagues being supportive online support ie twitter,facebook numerous other forums where advice and support/Inspiration can be sought from

On speaking to a lot of people on diets who are looking to make positive changes there was a common theme that was hindering them and it was partners I have been very lucky to have been supported well by Sharon she has put up with my little tantrums when I feel I should have lost more has kept supporting me throughout and at times when I maybe showing weakness she will rustle something up in the kitchen to avoid the temptation of having something naughty this is invaluable and a huge reason why I have been successful so far. The amount of people I have come into contact with where there partner brings home takeaways or sits there eating things you cant/shouldn’t that just adds to temptation and making it a lot more difficult so if your partner is trying to change for the better support them in this don’t hinder there progress or make it worse and don’t do it especially if you feel threatened by them wanting too change there doing it for themselves no-one else

Another massive influence on my progress is the group I attend now I know not all people can attend groups classes etc but for me this has been great. Now I can appreciate some men may feel uncomfortable with walking into a slimming club class majority of women I’m lucky in that I have always predominantly worked with  Ladies so for me its quite natural and never an issue they have been fantastic towards me and really go out on a limb to support me so much so they have all become very good friends of mine now and we meet up socially for food and drink (We try to be good when we do go out) meet up and support each other whilst walking a fair few miles round local nature reserves this is what its about helping each other and we all celebrate each others achievements you can’t buy that support and friendship I saw a comment from someone in the new SW magazine and a lady said walking into group is never daunting it’s just like going into a big hug and seeing friendly faces I couldn’t have put it better myself

Facebook can also be a great tool for support but beware it can also hinder as not everyone is respectful on there I am involved with other slimming world pages and love seeing progress and seeing people change its an amazing thing to see don’t surround yourself with negative people who will stop your progress

All the best to all those who are attempting to change things at the moment it really is worth it Losing weight has given me more confidence and more self belief I also feel I get treated differently. Its also enabled me to have the confidence to learn to drive which I am now loving!!! A few years ago I said to anyone who would listen by the time I was 30 I wanted to quit smoking (2 years 5 months smoke free) Lose 10st (Done) and Learn to drive (Done ) And I am not 30 till November finally I feel like I have fully grown up and started taking responsibility


Thanks for reading and thanks for the likes comments and the views

It’s appreciated

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First weigh in and how did it get to this point….Before and now pic included

Inspirational quotes


Ok, after my last blog I wanted to follow it up with how my week 1 progressed. So I had weighed in and was mortified but strangely relieved as It would never be this bad again then armed with the slimming world bible(Starter pack with main books needed) and lots of information I headed home and made a food plan. I’m not here to preach about slimming world I know and appreciate it isn’t for everyone but for me its been amazing and the plan suited myself down to the ground, being able to consume so much healthy food and still have some of my favourite meals just adapting a few things along the way. Anyone can diet but for me I needed to be re-educated in things I could use for the rest of my life not bars, shakes, tablets, or any other short fix that would only help temporarily. So I spent the week following the extra easy plan and using my syns wisely and sometimes making the odd mistake along the way. When it was time for my first weigh in I was excited I couldn’t wait as I stepped on wearing the lightest clothing I had and the scales were very kind. I lost 15lbs YES 1st 1lb in my first week such was the change of what I was consuming. Now if a loss like that wouldn’t help motivate me then I more than likely was a lost cause. I was delighted and everyone else was shocked but very nice to me and helped me settle and immediately feel part of the group can’t say it enough the ladies and the few gents at my group really are my biggest supporters such great people another huge reason why this has been a success.


Below I wanted too touch on how it got to this point in my life


So as my journey has gone on I have been able to reflect upon he past and tried to work out where it went wrong for me and key things that allowed this to spiral out of control now don’t get me wrong its all my fault but certain things led this way and behaviours at a young age may have contributed let me explain

When I was younger I wasn’t an angel in fact I was hard work. A real chip on his shoulder kind of child, world owed them a favour sort. I wasn’t best behaved at either school or home and lacked discipline If truth be told the more I got away with stuff the more I pushed. My mum and dad split when I was approx 9 and it was a tough time I saw things I didn’t want to see at that age and being separated from brother and sisters never helped Its fair to say after years of being apart and not much contact were not as close as brothers and sisters should be it’s just the way it is

Dad brought me up with help from Grandparents and met my stepmom great woman and a massive positive influence in my life. One of our many rituals would be to have the odd Chinese takeaway and of course I loved this so much so and this is the shocking part  I would spend my weekly earnings from a paper round(Aged about 14/15) on a Chinese from a local takeaway (£8.90 special curry chips fried rice and prawn crackers). Now I would even do this when I was sat on my own with no other family around it became a very regular thing but I was still fairly active at that point so got away with it to an extent after I worked in a chippy and again spent my wages on eating there. The weight piled on when I stopped playing football I stopped because after years and years of playing I no longer enjoyed it and much preferred drinking Hooch or 20/20 round the back of a church or a local park and smoking cigarettes. Few years gone by and I became detached from the mates I had grown up with. That didn’t help as spent more and more time inside not doing too much it started to become a habit this was the start of lacking real motivation and guidance and just slowing going on developing bad habits and not seeing what it was doing things like spending more time playing on the xbox until 2/3am every morning not wanting to work and with that came eating more. I was happy I was in a relationship at 18 job was going well so I was comfortable. In a bubble throughout my 20’s I just put more and more weight on takeaway wise I am not joking when I say 2/3 a week see this was my thinking Im not sure about you guys but I imagine when some of you guys see a takeaway menu being posted through the door its clutter rubbish and it gets thrown to me its like a party invitation. I had to try it to find out what it was like I kid you not I had most menus of takeaways in local area and tried most of them.

It’s things like this that led to me becoming 28st+ I was killing myself I never truly realised how I actually looked I never weighed myself I was in a bubble that was impossible to get out of. My partner never once pressurised me to diet my grandparents used to nag me and that was the worst thing they could do, I would just go home and eat after I was stubborn and defiant that I was fine and happy with how I was. See thing is people can moan but you have to be mentally ready to do this its not a quick change its a lifestyle change I can never go back to how I was I would easily pile it back on and more this for me is my life now and I have never been happier there is still a lot of things I need to do and work on in the future in terms of how I behave (food wise) and keeping myself motivated but its working 10st 4.5lb already off and a few more st to go then the battle to maintain that figure

Here is a picture of before and now Image

Appreciate all the views,Likes,Share etc and of course the lovely comments its taken along time to be in any position where I wanted to be honest about this I’m glad i’m finally in a position where I can and if it helps just 1 person then that’s great

Also looking to the future and what I maybe want to do I am currently considering whether to become a consultant for slimming world (In the future and If I am deemed suitable). I am attending their next opportunity event to have a listen and a look so who knows what may come but its all positive



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Now go walk through the doors don’t turn around now……..

So……First of all when I decided to have a pop at this yesterday evening I had no idea how many people would come across it, I mean I expected family and some friends especially fellow Members of group I attend would, maybe some work colleagues but I pretty much would have said maybe around 50 tops would have had a look I kept an eye on the blog stats last night when I say keep an eye I mean refreshing the page every few mins hammering the F5 key I was quite excited by the response so thanks for the ones who read and shared and commented it meant a lot the view count was around 1130 which was very good and it reached people in over 12 countries so all you guys from twitter and facebook thanks I truly mean it I have no idea where I am going with this yet but yesterday was a good start.

Ok so the title is a bit cringe and I did change a word from the song by Gloria Gaynor but not going to lie I was struggling and after a fairly long day it was the best I could do anyway back to the point of this blog So to recap the decision was made to join slimming world after turning down surgery. I decided against ringing the consultant prior to joining I think the reason why because I just needed to show up stop putting it off and just basically get on with it years and years have been wasted and it really was now or never.

The location of the group and the time it was held was key to my decision I knew a little about the plan as knew of a few who had done well on it On the day I remember going to work in the morning spoke to my deputy manager who had also been key into me looking at slimming world I was only at work for a few hours before making the walk over to the group now as I got closer I saw more and more cars I was sweating profusely for 2 reasons 1) I was nervous and heading into the unknown and 2) I was walking to the group and my level of fitness wasn’t the best as You can imagine. So as I head closer to the doors I kind of had a strange feeling that I would be seen entering a slimming world club so I hung about outside looking quite dodgy I should say this huge fella with a hoody that resembled a tent and a cap. I was also acting and I will do my best to describe it with the following Imagine running for a bus, the bus leaving ahead of you getting to the stop and you don’t want to be seen looking a bit silly so you make it you didn’t want it….well yeah that was how I was acting outside the slimming world group I didn’t want to be seen but I was desperate to jump on so to speak so I plucked up the courage and just went inside totally unaware as to what was about to happen

So I walk in to this slimming club and ask any overweight person what would be the worst possible start, I saw loads of people that didn’t initially phase me was it the fact they were all Ladies apart from one fella Nope not that It was them horrible green plastic garden chairs the ones that you wouldn’t associate with at a slimming club I remember thinking ” I can’t believe this, this is a wind up I’m going to go through one of those This could end very quickly and very badly Image I Mean look at it Image,it has no right being at a dieting club 😉 I can laugh about that now but at the time (To add the chair never did brake and was property of venue rather than SW or consultant) It wasn’t funny bloody green plastic chairs 

.Anyway I was sent to the new members corner where I was greeted by My consultant and another consultant who was just waiting to start her own group. I was nervous and did notice quite a few were looking at me not in a rude manner but more of intrigue I guess its not everyday a big fella like I was walks through the door On being introduced to the plan I was immediately put at ease , my consultant had been doing this for a fair number of years so obviously knew her stuff

Now after the talk it was time to weigh myself now this wasn’t nice I have to admit all others had already weighed in and were sat having a coffee and chatting and it was now my turn it was done discreetly which helped Now I hadn’t weighed myself for a good while and I will say this now I never thought I was this weight wouldn’t have even guessed what I was I didn’t even think the sw scales would go that high but they did and whilst it was the worst moment of my life it was also a chance to put a lid on things and I said to myself with determination hiding the pain I was feeling “Look at the scales Cause you will never ever see this number again” I hit my lowest point

I weighed 28st 10.5lbs I did say this would be brutal honest account

So I instantly felt better as there and then I made a promise that this was it years and years now my weight has been spiraling out of control but this point May 15th 2013 I was making a stand and finally doing something about it. So I sat in the group to those who don’t know you go weigh in grab a drink then you either leave or stay for group therapy I stayed of course and as I looked around I was clapped for joining which was nice and can honestly say everyone was welcoming now in all my time at group everyone has been top class with me so supportive of what I have done and really gone out their way to support me but that day 2 ladies (Outside of my consultant Jane) were very nice to me (They all were but those 2 stood out) and went out of their way to include me so a quick thanks to Wendy and Tracey that day I made a big stride forward and those two just by being themselves really helped me settle and it gave me a starting platform to do this and also feel included in the group where there was that day only 1 other bloke and he didn’t stay So that was my first ever time at slimming world the feelings were incredible the despair of finally realising what a battle this was going to be how did it get this bad??  This was going to be a lifestyle change one that would take years and having to show determination like never before I needed to lose at least 13/14 stone what would the next week bring and how would I do on my first weigh in after my first full week on slimming world????????

That’s your lot for today hope again it has been of some benefit next blog( few days away) will be about my first full week on plan and also first weigh in and other things I have encountered as stated above I have no real concrete plan for this yet so we shall just see where it goes but I am being honest and revealing things I never have before I appreciate all comments,Shares and likes etc it helps get this out there I can’t thank you enough before and now pics are coming

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Why Did I join Slimming World ….The beginning

Okay Here goes an introduction so to speak they won’t always be this long …………

I’m Jason 29 and I am trying to be healthier/Thinner there done that bit 😉

This is something I am not entirely comfortable with (It’s new too me) but as I am currently turning my life around and embarking on so many new things I thought lets give it a try. I communicate a lot on social media (Partner would say too much) and most of my communication is to do with Slimming world with family,friends and even strangers so thought a blog of some kind would help me speak openly and hopefully encourage inspire etc to all the people out there in same position I also get a lot of questions regarding my progress asking for tips and so forth so hopefully this can be of help to others like many peoples blogs have been too me I will maybe post 1/2 a week tops

Ok So I will be as honest as possible on here and that’s tough for me at times reason being it took a lot of effort to finally come to terms with who I became. It was about August 2012 when a routine visit to the doctors saw me give bloods as they wanted to test me for diabetes in the back of my mind I knew something wasn’t right with myself I was so lethargic and the weight was piling on diet and lack of exercise certainly contributed On getting the results back it was confirmed I was diabetic type 2 I went home and ate some chocolate :/ work that out safe too say it didn’t quite sink in

So one thing that soon became clear was things had to change I was a father to my son but in reality everyday tasks were getting tough so much so I used to joke and say by 40 I would dead (Yea I wasn’t joking I believed this due to how things were with me). I looked into weight loss surgery and was even offered the gastric band and gastric bypass even met the surgeon and funding was agreed I thought this was great and the answer to all my problems Ermm then I looked into it and I am not judging anyone who has had this surgery but I feel you need to look beyond the initial surgery and what It can do for you weight loss wise but also assess how it will affect your life post surgery ie chewing very small mouthfuls 20p sized bites, taking 20 mins to eat a small sized plate meal and then the socialising side of it. I would be an outcast on a meal out with my small plate and taking forever and also the implications of being in hospital and having surgery in the first place and potential health issues that can arise. I spent a lot of time researching doing my homework on this so to speak and this was the basis as to why at the last minute I decided it wasn’t for me that and I suddenly found an urge to go and try slimming world I am not really sure what led me to that I did previously join as an online member in which I failed at very quickly

So with a sense of enthusiasm I rang my dietitian at Hospital and turned down the offer of surgery informing her of my determination to try slimming world I looked around for a local group and there were plenty but it had to fit into my work pattern and family life So I chose a morning group very local to myself and my job I chose not to ring the consultant prior and just planned to walk through the doors and get on with it and effectively for the first time ever front upto it and face my problems head on and put myself on show also knowing full well a bloke in a slimming world class can be rare and in some ways intimidating will they support me, will I be laughed at or looked at funny, my enthusiasms and new found determination could end very quickly if things don’t go well …………

So tomorrow I will continue with what happened next as I walked through the doors as Don’t want to make this too long I hope at least 1 person takes time out and reads this then it will have been worthwhile my grammar is poor and my spelling is not much better but I am having a go 🙂

Thanks if you do read and appreciate all comments

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